Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome Oorah!

Oorah has a contract to purchase Scotch Valley. The good news is that they are not opposed to having someone operate Scotch Valley in the winter! This is excellent news if they live up to their statement!

My personal opposition to Oorah was based on the their past history in Gilboa and what I found out about them through research on the Internet. If they are willing to work with the community and are not looking to taking away the possibility of Scotch Valley being a ski area then I welcome them to the community!

Now it is important that we make sure that Oorah lives up to that promise. We need to find what they call and "experienced operator". I am not sure what that means in terms of their requirements. Hopefully we will find out soon.

Oorah currently has a contract to buy Scotch Valley but they will not buy it if they find that the property is on the NYC watershed.

From the beginning of this web site -- before I even knew that Oorah was interesting in buying Scotch Valley -- my hope was that Scotch Valley is operating as a ski resort again -- it does not matter who owns it.


Arwen said...

I hope everything works out for everyone. It would be nice to come home in the winter and see the lights of the snow makers again. I remember it as a child. Good job my sir with your campaign to save the resort. Good luck!

Sunny said...

Just visited your web site for the first time, and I am astounded that you would put out the welcome mat for Oorah!

I skied at SV and Deer Run for probably thirty years, and I have many happy memories of days on the slopes with friends and family. I would love to see it reopen if it meant we would have a well managed area closer to home.

Having said that, there is no way I would wish Oorah on the area, even if their ownership meant that SV would reopen. It is naive to think they might "work with the community." (Just consider their history.) I think the neighbors' best hope of continuing their present, peaceful, rural lifestyle is that most of the former SV property does seem to be in the NYC watershed.