Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Have the Signs Ready

I made the first set of signs that I will be putting up in the area. They aren't much to look at but I think that they will do the job. I made 6 so far, and yes I know there are only 5 in the picture ;-).

Now I just need to get the mailing list tool and legislative contact forms up!


Spread The Save Scotch Valley Poster - Wait for it…

I made a Save Scotch Valley poster that I and anyone can post -- but please hold off until I have the mailing list sign up and the participate page (including legislative contact forms) up.

I don't want people coming here and not finding anything they can do -- so please wait until I give the green light.

I will let everyone know here when it is time. Hopefully within a day or two.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Join the Save Scotch Valley Facebook Group

I created a "Save Scotch Valley Ski Area" group in Facebook. Please join it if you are interested in helping this cause!

- Tighe

Where will this go?

Well I have finally done it, the small thing I can do to restore something that was a great benefit to my community.

That is what this Web site is, or rather will be. A motivating source for residents of Schoharie and Delaware counties, and other people who want to see Scotch Valley re-opened.

Scotch Valley gave me a lot of good times, great friends and a job for many years, it is the least I can do for it.

Where will this go? will it succeed? That all depends on you! I cannot do this myself.