Monday, November 10, 2008

Residents of Jefferson and Stamford, Do you want this?

One group that is looking to purchase Scotch Valley and the Adjoining Condos is Oorah -- an organization that runs a controversial summer camp in Gilboa. Oorah has made a reputation for itself in the area, just take a look at the following news articles:

What needs to happen right away is the Town Board of Jefferson needs to alter the zoning of the property of Scotch Valley to make it less attractive to this group. For example limiting the maxium number of people that can reside in a room.

And for those of you who think that they will want to get along with locals -- on its Web site, Oorah boasts an "80 percent success rate" teaching its clients "to keep themselves apart from the gentiles."

Protecting the Wealth While this dynamic plays out in a way that is often uncomfortable and sometimes outright painful for a newly religious Jew, some of it flows from a source that is well supported throughout the Torah. Jews have an obligation to keep themselves apart from the culture and ways of the gentiles. Parents and educators certainly have a resposibilty to protect their children and their charges.

Residents of Jefferson please contact your elected officals and tell them how you feel about this, unless you want to end up like the unfortunate residents of Gilboa! This is not a issue about religion -- this is an issue about protecting Scotch Valley and your property values. Bad neighbors make homes hard to sell. Also since Oorah is a religious organization the property would become exempt from paying property taxes! The residents of Schoharie county and Jefferson already are paying too much in property taxes!

Gilboa Jefferson Elected Officals

  • Gregory Sheehan - Chairman, Planning Board
    248 Nichols Rd, Jefferson, NY 12093
    Phone: 607-652-2545
  • Russell Danforth - Town Council
    157 Danforth Rd., Suite 1, Jefferson, NY 12093
    Phone: 607-652-7954
  • Margaret Hait - Town Council
    225 N Harpersfield Rd., Jefferson, NY 12093
  • William Parker Jr.
    127 Horton Rd., Jefferson, NY 12093
    Phone: 607-652-9450
  • Diane M. Fischer
    PO Box 164, Jefferson, NY 12093
    Phone: 607-652-1111

Correction: The above town officials are for the town of Jefferson, not Gilboa.

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