Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Domain Hosting - Update: Goal Reached!

It has been a year since I started this site, and now it is time to renew the domain and hosting for another year.

I figure that it is only worth it if other people care. The hosting for another year is $10, pretty cheap huh? Anyway if you want this site to say around please use the paypal form below to make a donation. Please don't donate more than $10 since that is all I need.



Thanks to Kyle and Robert who have provided donations to purchase hosting for for another year!


skooch said...

So how's it looking 7 years later?

davidsmith said...

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davidsmith said...

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TheCerealBowl said...

Greetings from the future

thetruthisoutthere said...

I instructed there during the last season, which started with a huge dump in December, followed by 70-80⁰ right around Christmas, which wiped away the nice base we started with...Never recovered after that.